GALYS laboratoireGalys laboratory

Galys is one of France’s top testing services, rare in that it covers both the agricultural and sensory markets.

Galys has two agricultural testing laboratories, based at Blois and Ancenis, which also work in environmental and green space testing, and two sensory evaluation laboratories, in Toulouse and Lille.

All four laboratories are accredited and meet the very highest standards.


Our local, responsive service means we are ideally placed to meet your testing needs. 



Galys agricultural laboratory


Galys agricultural laboratory is known for its expertise in agricultural, green spaces and environmental testing.


With over 50 years of analytical experience, Galys laboratoire covers all stages of plant development, offering the technical support and accurate results you need to make decisions.


As our business is very seasonal and can be highly dependent on weather conditions, our teams can adapt rapidly to meet your requirements at all stages, from the sampling stage onwards.


In addition to our analytical skills, we have the agronomy expertise required to interpret your results and offer training and consultancy.


Our commitments

* A list of accredited sites and scopes can be found at www.cofrac.fr


Galys sensory laboratory


Galys was founded in the 1980s, after starting out as a traditional analytical laboratory working for the food industry. It has developed to use more advanced evaluation techniques covering the sensory properties of products and the way consumers perceive them via their various senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste), dealing with both current products as well as product development.


We have two sites in France (Lille and Toulouse) so that we can constitute tester panels representative of the entire country, and also handle regional specificities.


We work with customers in quality, R&D, marketing and commercial functions, using our experience to help them develop and market new products.



To increase the range and granularity offered by our tests, we take into account the opinions of as many users as possible, store the information collected and communicate the results of analyses to our customers, who use them to improve consumer goods.


Our footprint



Since we obtained our first certification in 1993, we have continually extended the scope of our accreditations in terms of parameters (currently totalling one hundred) and geographically, to cover all our sites. Consequently, our quality management system now functions across all areas of the business, whether accredited or not.


With the company’s history and the move to compliance with EN ISO/CEI 17025, we are well placed to achieve continuous improvement in processes. Our approach to quality involves regular and increasingly detailed monitoring, with around fifteen internal audits a year, external evaluations, some twenty inter-laboratory circuits (including Bipea and Germ’Service) and daily monitoring through in-house testing and skills maintenance. We use this monitoring to enrich our data and our knowledge to improve the way we evaluate the performance of our methods and practices.

 Accreditations N° 1-6793 and 1-6798 - A list of accredited sites and scopes can be found at www.cofrac.fr


In parallel, our agricultural laboratories are also French Agriculture, Food and Forestry Ministry certified to carry out soils analysis.

 The Blois site is recommended by Terres Inovia for the detection of Aphanomyces euteiches in soil and assessing its infectivity.

 Our cereals analysis services are referenced by the Paris Grain Trade Association under addenda I and II.