Our services

Thanks to our analytical experience, we cover all agricultural sectors.

We work in close partnership with farmers as they deal with the changing face of agriculture, supporting them as they optimise inputs, helping them meet market requirements and enabling them to supply each sector with the required quality and quantity of the appropriate products.

Analysis is a vital decision-making tool for identifying soil potential, monitoring the condition of vegetation and determining the quality of harvests and then of processed products.

Thanks to our agricultural experience, we have been offering our services to both professionals and the public for 25 years, meaning that we are as comfortable working in a vegetable garden as we are on a football stadium. Analysis is used to understand the potential offered by the land and identify the solutions required to achieve it.

Today, everyone understands the importance of protecting the environment. Manufacturers must monitor the emissions generated by their production. For farmers, the emphasis is on how to manage slurry, and the legislation governing spreading. Legislation provides a framework at all levels, and Galys laboratoire analyses are vital in achieving compliance, both as regards the materials spread and the environments receiving them.