Understanding the language of the senses

We carry out a wide range of consumer tests to cover all your sensory evaluation needs.


Laboratory tests
Laboratory tests are carried out in our ISO-standard laboratories under controlled conditions, and follow specific protocols. The test is therefore guaranteed consistent for all consumers.
Each consumer is isolated in an individual booth and completes a questionnaire tailored to your requirements and approved by our experts.


Home tests
Home testing has the advantage of recording consumers’ impressions under normal usage conditions. It is suitable for products from a wide range of market segments including cleaning, personal hygiene, cosmetics and pet food.


Online surveys
Online surveys are a very quick way of understanding how consumers use and view new concepts in packaging and marketing using logos, slogans or visual effects.


Hedonic tests
Hedonic tests show how consumers are likely to view your products compared to alternatives on the market.



Discrimination testing
Discrimination tests are used to identify similarities and differences between products (for example, triangle tests). They are carried out on a panel of testers with experience in this specific type of test.




All of these tests will provide you with precise information that is particularly useful when designing new recipes or formulations. We can also set up other types of tests to meet your requirements.


Panels created to meet your specifications

Thousands of consumers aged from 0 to 75 years
We use powerful, specialised software to quickly and accurately target consumers and constitute a panel to meet your needs from our database of around ten thousand consumers and their eating habits.