Agricultural services

GALYS laboratoire offers a full range of tailored related services based on 50 years of analysis experience.

Thanks to our telesales platform and our teams of samplers and experts, we have the  solution you need, from the decision to carry out analyses through the interpretion of the results obtained.

You can use our customer portal, Galys Online, to enter your orders, monitor the progress of your telesales and sampling campaigns, and access your results, all in real time.


Sampling  - Even before analysis begins, representative results depend on correct sampling.


Our teams are based across the country, so there is someone close to you with the skills to handle the numerous different products we analyse.

 Our highly responsive samplers use Galys'Tabs to enter plot information digitally and geolocate it.

Sampling is carried out either manually or using a quad. We have devised the logistics chain used to transfer samples to the laboratory , prioritising speed and suitable storage.


 Whatever the nature of the product being sampled, the final sample is created by following procedures appropriate to the specific product to be analysed.


Telesales  - To encourage your members to order analyses.


 The GALYS laboratoire in-house telesales team is on hand to run telephone marketing campaigns to encourage your members to carry out analyses.

We will ring every contact on your list, tailoring the call to your specific campaign.

You will received regular personalised, illustrated reports so that you can track progress (number of calls made, order rate, breakdown of analyses and requests for a visit from one of your technicians) and all other relevant information.


Training - Expert support.


We offer training throughout the year to help you improve your agronomy knowledge. Sessions can be public or run on your site and tailored precisely to your needs.

Our agronomy specialists are also available to help you understand our reports or show you how to make full use of the various analytical tools available to you.

Galys laboratoire is registered with the Centre-Val de Loire region prefecture as a training provider (No. 24 41 00984 41), so we are eligible for CPD-fund financing.



Digital - Keeping pace with change.


We have a dedicated customer portal: Galys Online.

Via this comprehensive, upgradeable web interface, you can:

  • enter your analysis orders (data entry or file import)
  • complete your information sheets online and print them to enclose with your samples
  • view dashboards of orders placed and their status
  • monitor the progress of your telesales campaigns and on-site sampling, in real time
  • track the progress of your analyses
  • read your results and download them as PDF or Excel files
  • access your analysis history

Sensory services

Galys has been accredited for more than 15 years. Thanks to the company’s origins, we have extensive experience in the sensory sector as well as in-depth knowledge of a wide range of products in the food, baby food, pet food, personal hygiene and beauty segments.

Ideal testing conditions
In accordance with the ISO 8589 standard, our tasting rooms have been designed to accommodate several consumers simultaneously.
IT systems are used in the cubicles to ensure that answers are accurate, and to collect and transfer data rapidly.

Optimal proximity and responsiveness
For each of your projects, you will have a dedicated contact at Galys. This person will oversee your research, acting as your point of contact and tracking progress right through to the final report.

Complete transparency
You are invited to visit our laboratories and watch your trials running. Naturally, we guarantee that other trials running concurrently with yours will remain completely confidential, as do yours.


In-company training and consultancy

Are you working to create a panel of experts, standardise terminology across different departments (R&D, quality, sales and marketing), gain a better understanding of sensory analysis or simply develop you staff’s sensory abilities? The GALYS laboratoire training department can create a personalised training course designed to your requirements.